Laser Soldering Unit, ALBA

The ALBA -Mini controller, fiber and lens system has been developed to provide solutions for non-contact laser diode soldering applications.

This system can be integrated with a SCARA robot or act as a stand-alone system for automation. The laser and soldering control circuitry for stand alone use is combined internally on the ALBA system and there is no need for an external controller.  The ALBA also includes the Apollo Seiko ZSB solder feeding system.

The ALBA system can select a solder profile based upon an input signal from a robot or external controller.

This semiconductor laser system has three types of output modes: Thermostat, Power & Electrical Current modes.

In addition, the touch panel is built into the laser controller allowing for a bright, clear and easy to read display.


Feature 1- The temperature profile can be displayed on the touch panel, which make for better quality control and improvement.

Feature 2 – Precisions Solder Wire Feeder: The solder feeder is standard on all laser soldering systems. The ZSB Feeder is programmable in 0.1mm increments, thus allowing precision control for micro soldering applications.

Feature 3 – The Programmable Solder Requirement: 32 soldering profiles can be customized. Each laser solder profile is divided into three, 8 step sequences to allow for flexible and precise parameter control.

Feature 4 – Three Selections of Laser Head: Their are three options of laser heads available. These include focal distance and head size. There is also a small built -in coaxial camera which allows the overall laser head to remain small.





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