PC Software

PC software available to store all teaching data and soldering parameters; data copies, inserts and deletes using Microsoft Excel.



Camera Monitor

Optional camera and monitor allows for fast, easy teaching with close-up view directly on screen.


ZSB Feeder

Built-in roulette blade cuts directly to flux core while precisely feeding wire solder; guaranteed Zero Solder Balls with high quality results.



Sponge Roller Cleaner

Wet sponge roller neatly removes residual solder from iron tip; solder work area remains clean.




N2 Generator


Nitrogen gas (N2) forced over ™ iron unit to clean soldering surface and eliminate oxidation. Pre-heated N2 gas while passing thru the iron unit allowing temperature to be lowered.



Fume Extractor

Solder fumes vacuumed through silicone tube attached directly to point of solder; combination of two filtering units, pre-filter and main filter removes all harmful gases, prevents flux build-up on iron unit, extends tip life while keeping environment clean.

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