Desktop Robot, J-CAT with LUNA Controller

Achieve significant number of features up soldering

For conventional soldering points, conditions for slides 16 each (a total of 32 conditions).

Improved auto-tuning temperature isothermal

The auto-tuning function, the time required about 30 seconds to complete, achieving significant time savings compared to conventional. The big difference when changing the tip is heat capacity, can be used effectively.

Interchangeable “DC-X” iron

Apollo Seiko’s proprietary cartridge heater is built into the tip of the thermocouple as in the past, high performance heater (130W) delivers excellent thermal efficiency and in combination. Can be replaced with one-touch, we reduced our costs by approximately 50% compared with the tip of the soldering iron.

Labyrinth structure and high rigidity

Die-cast aluminum alloy base portion of the integrated structure, the pillar structure is extruded aluminum with a cross-sectional shape having a high rigidity. The groove and move the work table Also, special construction debris and other foreign matter from entering the screw solvent solution (labyrinth), so now, and worry or adversely affect the body internally, there is no need to install the cover.

Teaching and easy customization capabilities

Special software is easy to use as standard even for beginners. Function using the formula as a variable, you can make your own programs.

Simple Sequence feature

The robot’s capabilities and built-in sequencer has a simple to operate independently. Furthermore, it can also be treated as a variable function formula, you can create your own original software and set in working conditions.

You can easily switch between Chinese and Korean language French German Italian Spanish Japanese and English.

The J-CAT series of robots provide for an economical yet powerful selective solder system with a very small footprint. These Cartesian robots have a wide range of sizes for PCB’s up to 500 mm square. They can be programmed for either point or slide solder applications and utilize integral N2 for lead free applications.

User friendly robot teaching is achieved with a large LCD display. Using the block copy function, many other points can easily be entered after the first point is entered (step & repeat).

The coordinates can be entered in JOG key or MDI (numerical input) mode. The built-in point job program, sequence control and palletizing functions make communication with other machines, equipment and sensors a simple process.

Nine (9) models are available in a combination of 3 & 4 axes robots (J-CAT 200, J-CAT 300 and J-CAT 400) and three controllers TERRA, LUNA and STELLAR.

Your application size & requirements will provide a clear choice of machine & configuration.

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