Laser Soldering

The New Alba -Mini + FS Laser soldering system controls PCB and combined together so there is no external controller required for laser soldering using solder wire.

The ALBA -Mini controller, fiber & lens system has been developed to provide solutions for non-contact laser diode soldering applications.The system can be integrated with a SCARA robot or act as a stand alone system for automation.

This system can be programmed to start via an external signal and the soldering parameters can be easily selected via Input/Output signals from a robot or external controller. The Alba has a large color LCD touch screen on the laser controller allowing for a bright, clear and easy to read display.

Laser Features:

1) TEMPERATURE MEASURING FUNCTION: This laser system includes a non-contact thermo sensor that can measure the temperature of a part that has been soldered.

2) PRECISION SOLDER WIRE FEEDER: The ZSB solder feeder is standard on all laser soldering systems. The feeder is programmable in 0.1mm increments thus allowing precision control for micro soldering applications.

3) SOLDERING PROFILES: The Alba has 32 soldering profiles that can be customized. Each laser solder profile can be divided into three, 8 step sequences to allow for flexible and precise parameter control.

4) THREE LASER HEAD OPTIONS: The three laser head options are focal distance, I/R temperature sensing and head size.


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